accept and change: a quick note

Things I can’t control:

  • winter being winter
  • friends coming to town
  • friends moving on to bigger and better opportunities
  • needing surgery next week
  • current pain
  • volunteer opportunity being postponed
  • other people and their opinions, reactions, feelings, and thoughts
  • the bitter cold air outside
  • what other people want
  • what other people think of me
  • how fast time moves

Things I can control:

  • Bundling up extremely well to shield myself from the cold
  • Balancing my time between seeing friends and relaxing/ getting things done
  • Leaving a situation when I feel uncomfortable
  • Making a plan for dealing with alcohol before I am around it this weekend
  • Focusing on the silver lining about surgery: finding out what is wrong so we can fix it and deal with this pain
  • Eating healthy, drinking water, sleeping, and moving my body when I can
  • Staying persistent with volunteering so I don’t give up
  • Make time for my friend outside the office
  • Create, journal, talk, laugh, joke, stay occupied when I can’t stay as active as I’d like
  • Not drinking when things get hard or boring
  • Making life enjoyable


Bring it on, February. You bastard.



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